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Counselling · Mindfulness · Wellness

Counselling Consult

Trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Interventions, Dr. Claudia Vega offers one-on-one counselling to patients of different age groups, as well as family counselling for parents. 

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness meditation is at the heart of the different workshops that Dr. Claudia Vega facilitates. From young children to adults, mindfulness helps individuals self-regulate and lead happier lives.

Wellness Programs

With a holistic approach, the wellness programs offered through One Mindful Pause help participants cope with their stress and make healthy choices to take better care of their minds and bodies.

Dr. Claudia Vega

Internationally trained Medical Doctor, specializing in  Paediatrics and Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, Dr. Claudia Vega works with children, teenagers and parents and helps them develop healthy habits and learn emotional self-regulation skills. 

Trained in the field of Mindfulness-Based interventions Dr. Claudia has given numerous in-person and online mindfulness workshops and has participated as a speaker in several international conferences and summits.

With more than 15 years of clinical practice, focusing on a holistic approach to health, Dr. Claudia Vega has accompanied hundreds of families and individuals, in their journeys to achieving happier and healthy lives.

She is currently a registered member with the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta.

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