Children Counselling

Like people of any age group, children also get stressed. Any event that requires the child to adapt or change, as well as any difficult situation in the family environment, can cause anxiety in children. 

Fortunately, kids can learn strategies to identify and work with their emotions and develop skills to cope with their stress. 

With a family-based approach, I offer the services of psycho-emotional assessment and counselling for children 4-12 years of age.

In our counselling sessions I help children develop:

  • Emotional self-awareness
  • Socio-emotional learning
  • Mindfulness and self-regulation skills

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Youth Counselling

The teenage years can be challenging for teens of any background, as well as for their parents. 

For us parents, it is not always easy to discern signs of anxiety or depression from the more common emotional rollercoaster of adolescence.

Being able to identify the emotional difficulties that our teenagers might be facing is the first step to help them.

In our counselling sessions, I accompany my young clients through their journey of self-discovery and I teach them self-awareness and mindfulness-based emotional regulation skills, to help them navigate their stress in a positive way.

During their self-awareness and personal growth process, my patients also learn communication strategies that help them set limits and improve their relationships with those around them.

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Parenting and
Family Counselling

Love is not all you need when it comes to parenting well. 

We also need patience and self-regulation (the capacity to deal with our own emotions) skills, in order to navigate the challenging moments. But most importantly, we need to understand how our parenting style can affect our children’s development and how to make proper adjustments to foster the best possible environment for our family.

To achieve all this, we need to have clear parenting goals as well as communication skills to make parenting agreements with our partners and to mindfully set and communicate healthy limits to our children.

During our mindfulness-based counselling sessions, I help parents define their parenting goals and to develop action plans to nurture their children and build healthy and happy family environments.

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One on One Adult Counselling

Demanding situations, difficult relationships, or some health matters are some of the most commons triggers of stress in any person’s life. To navigate our hardships in life it is not always easy. And asking for help and support is something we can do.

In our one-on-one sessions, with a mindfulness-based approach, I help my clients to become aware of their emotional triggers and to learn self-regulation strategies to cope with their stress and make better decisions.

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Mindful Parenting

Through a mindfulness-based approach, this 6 week program teaches parents the importance of self-awareness and emotional regulation to help them develop a secure attachment bond with their children.

During this course, parents learn how to consciously set parenting goals and how to make agreements when parenting as a couple. 

In this workshop parents will learn and develop mindful communication skills as an important tool to build a happy and healthy environment for their family.

Do you want to learn mindful parenting and raise happy children?


Stress Reduction

Developed by the Mindfulness-based interventions pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR is an 8 week program that helps participants implement the practice of mindfulness meditation to cope and navigate with the different stressors in their life. 

This evidence-based program has helped thousands of people worldwide and through One Mindful Pause you can learn and benefit from the practice of mindfulness in your daily living.

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Mindful Communication

Effective communication is an essential tool for the success of any relationship and the number one cause why people have conflict with others.

This 6 weeks program is directed to people who want to learn good communication skills to help them improve their relationships in the family, workplace or any context.  

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Mindful Time Organization

Life goes fast, doesn’t it? And time seems to escape us while we try to achieve many things (sometimes too many!) in one single day.

This 6 week program will teach you how to mindfully define your long and short term goals to break them into realistic tasks that you can implement everyday to move forward. And you will also learn how to keep the motivation despite stress, unforeseen obstacles and, of course, your own mind!

Are you ready to manage your time and see those projects come true?



Mindful Eating

How would it feel to take care of your body while enjoying food? Want to know?

When we can see beyond the stereotypes and stigmas around our bodies and our eating behaviours, we learn to appreciate and take better care of ourselves without fear or shame.

This 8 week mindfulness-based program will help you understand and heal your relationship with food and will give you practical tools to be able to healthy nourish your body AND enjoy food while eating!


Live More Mindfully

A 6 week program directed to women who want to learn practical skills for stress management and the implementation of realistic healthy habits to take better care of themselves.

During this workshop you will learn Mindfulness strategies to train your mind and body to be in the present moment and navigate difficult emotions. You will rewire yourself to trust in your power, achieve your dreams and appreciate life with gratitude and happiness.

Are you ready to savour life to its fullest?

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